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Lawyers find potential in social media

social network for attorneys Starting work at a law firm today may require more than just knowledge gained through studying for the bar.

In addition to studying and practicing law, lawyers must also know the meaning of “tweet,” “blog” and “post.”

Today’s attorneys are finding themselves using more and more social networking tools to market themselves and their businesses and to network with colleagues and potential clients. While it’s not uncommon to hear some lawyers refute use of the tools, many in the field embrace them and see them as free advertisement and ways to make connections.

Jerry Lee founder of Webmasters in Texas– a Dallas / Fort Worth Web Development firm encourages attorneys to make use of social networking sites. In fact, he has helped several attorney clients learn to make use of sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and how to further their networking and traffic with them.

“This can get you to know potential clients on a more personal level,” Jerry says.

Many attorneys are starting to use Twitter and LinkedIn to connect with colleagues and clients. Many of the social networks have been seen as ways for people to find out what great show was in town, or what the next trend in shopping was. Now people have realized that it can be an effective way to show knowledge to people,” Jones said.

There are articles on Web sites for lawyers, The Wall Street Journal and others that show the increase of attorneys using social networks to get closer to their network, and clients.

For more information about social networking training for attorneys, contact Jerry Lee, owner of WebmastersinTexas.com